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Tree Stripes is an Australian home & lifestyle brand that designs timeless interiors which are ethically handcrafted by a team of strong Sri Lankan women using recycled materials.

Tree Stripes

Handmade by Women

Tree Stripes

100% Recycled Materials

Tree Stripes

Zero Waste

Tree Stripes

Waterproof & Biodegradable

"I love a brand that empowers women and is kind to mother earth"

- Royce Interiors
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What is Zero Waste Paper?

In nature, there is no waste and nothing is left unused because everything is invaluable. Inspired by this mindset of everyday life, and recognising the value of natural materials, we vowed to minimise production waste, and embrace the concept of zero waste by reusing all paper leftovers.

The result was our Zero Waste Paper Collection, a range of interior design decor that blend elegance and functionality, tailored to a conscious lifestyle. All of our products are handcrafted in Sri Lanka by strong and proud women who work from home to earn an income and support their family.

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Sand Coated Collar Pot in Black


Mothers being able to earn an income to support their families while being able to care for them

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from paper offcuts to beautiful interior design

Mindful creations lead to mindful choices

We cherish the art of craftsmanship and strive to incorporate handicraft in all of our designs. We believe this gives them character and a story to tell.

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